Solutions Safe Check™


In today’s world of unpredictability, where a single event can not only have tremendous implications for those immediately involved, but where the magnitude of that isolated event can, like ripples on a pond, spread far beyond the point of origin, we must become more vigilant. Each day we become more cautious and as such we have grown to consider the simplest of threats that may affect our very lives.

Due to this continued need that we and our children are “safe and secure”, the initial reaction for many will be to run out and purchase the technology-security equipment, cameras, and card readers; often times without consideration to how it will be used in or affect the environment in which it will be installed.

In response, Solutions Architecture has created SafeCheck™, the concept of “Proactive Prevention through Facility Analysis”. We believe that in order to sustain a program of safety and security that we need to go “Beyond Hardware”. Any security measures implemented need to also consider a change in culture from within; the staff and students need to embrace not only the technology but the protocols that will need to be created to ensure that the technology is used to its greatest potential.

In assistance with Law Enforcement, Anti-Crime Program Specialists, the Solutions SafeCheck™ Program measures each facility against a comprehensive security checklist and determines where it excels and where it may be lacking from a technology, hardware, and potentially a personnel standpoint. Under the SafeCheck Program, the Solutions Team will evaluate each facility in regard to key factors including but not limited to:

» Ingress/Egress – School Perimeter
» Communications – Classroom to Office + School to Police – direct links that can drastically reduce response time
» Classroom and Core-space Lock-down-ability + the concept of Safe Rooms
» Decentralized Lock-down-ability to call lock-down from any area in a building

The implementation program would involve a cross section of individuals including local law enforcement, faculty, administrators, visitors, parents and students so that concerns and questions are responded to at the onset.

The intent of the SafeCheck™ Program is to make a safe building safer; to make an already secure building more secure; and to determine if there are ways to reasonably respond to the potential for the active shooter scenario; either through the use of equipment or the built environment. The need to create a welcoming yet secure learning environment is paramount.

Since we do not sell equipment or technology, you rest assured that our recommendations are made for the purpose of Security and Safety only.

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