Facilities Health Check


For years, most Districts have made the most of their facilities and have relied upon the talents of their facilities staff to keep the facilities in some order of operation.

Many have been in a “reactive” mode, a sort of “management by crisis” wherein the items that come up on a day to day basis are corrected, only when the urgent need arises or if it can be “squeezed into the current budget”.

Solutions Architecture firmly believes that the Solution in many cases is a “Proactive Plan of Attack”; one that considers, immediate needs and one that will allow the district to anticipate and plan for replacements and maintenance repairs before a component or system failure.

We also believe that a “Big Picture Plan” is necessary from a “Whole Facility” standpoint. What good is replacing the boilers if the windows are single pane? What good is putting solar on a building if the lighting fixtures are inadequate and energy inefficient?

We believe that the answer comes in the form of a FACILITY HEALTHCHECK; A checkup that would evaluate each of the facilities for long range planning and maintenance with a focus on health, safety and educational, adequacy as well energy efficiency of the facility including mechanical systems and building envelope.

The report would address and prioritize each deficiency in the Categories of the following:

» Health & Life Safety
» Building Envelope / Energy Compliance
» Site improvements
» Electrical / Fire Safety Capital Improvements
» Energy Control Measures

» Code/ADA Compliance
» Building Improvements
» Mechanical / Plumbing Capital Improvements
» Comprehensive Maintenance Program Items
» Energy Audits

The elements to be identified within the audit would be measured against all current design standards for the construction of new educational facilities and...

» Identify where the facility may not meet such design and construction standards, particularly with respect to health and safety concerns.


» Need the square footage of an existing room? It’s in there!
» Need the age of your existing boiler? It’s in there!
» Photos of an existing roof or window condition? It’s in there!

We consult with our district’s prior to budget time to discuss the next items on the priority list; to determine which projects are in need of action and which others can make it another year. This way the District is always making “proactive” strides to greater facilities “Health”.