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Hawthorne Public Schools - Middle School

Gym/Multipurpose Room Renovations at Lincoln Middle School

The outdated Middle School Gym/Multipurpose room was missing a sense of identity. With no windows, outdated wood flooring and bland two-tone white and blue walls, this space was prime for an update. By refinishing the wood floor and adding a dose of school spirit with the use of contemporary graphics throughout the room, this space has been given an identity that students and guests alike immediately notice and enlivens their outlook whether getting ready to participate in sports with peers, or attending a school function.

Area: 4,715 sq. ft.

Project Details

  • Cost: $65,500
  • Completion Date: 2021
  • Location: Hawthorne, New Jersey
  • Category: Renovations
  • Owner: Mr. Richard A. Spirito, Superintendent