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Fairfield Township

Council Chambers

The existing Council Chamber was well overdue for renovations. Our design solution included covering the walls with a smooth stucco finish to remove the institutional feel of the concrete block that existed. At the base of the walls, we selected a wood-look wainscot, a durable product that handles the scuff from the users, the benches, and the police officers equipment. The ceilings and lighting were completely transformed. We replaced the high ceilings and low-pendant fixtures with a slightly lower, angled wood-look ceiling with light wells where the lights were recessed, creating a much more open feeling. At the front dais, we added a low soffit to create a focal point with signage. We matched all new wood-look items to the existing dais.

Project Details

  • Cost: $200,000
  • Completion Date: April 2014
  • Location: Fairfield, New Jersey
  • Category: Renovation
  • Owner: Mr. Joseph Catenaro, Township Administrator