Solutions Architecture adds two new members to the team!

24 March 2023

Join us in welcoming Brian Taylor and Roshni Cheriyan to the Solutions Architecture Project Management Team and Design Team respectively.

Brian brings with him an extensive knowledge and skillset, that is only crafted with the experience of 20 years in Architecture! Brian has been the PM on many large scale projects that will lend in his ability to direct complex projects from concepts to fully operational status. Brian has quickly adapted into the Solutions family and has even taught us a few tips and tricks already! We are excited to have him on our team and we wish him success here at Solutions Architecture!⁣

Roshni Roshni brings with her an extensive background in all areas of architecture. Her previous roles as Job Captain, Project Manager and Project Designer lends the ultimate edge to having her on our projects!

⁣Roshni was influenced into design by her Father, who managed construction sites in Dubai. Growing up in India, she was immersed in a thousands-year-old architectural legacy that would shortly inspire her to pursue a career in the field. Roshni says “[she] is most interested in the aspect of storytelling through spaces and how that story can in turn direct the users, the community and the society to greater changes.” We are thrilled to have Roshni on our team and look forward to being a part of her creations through her unique point of view.