In continuation of our Solutions Spotlight Series, we shine a beam of recognition on one of our esteemed Solutions team members, Michael Jones⁣

8 September 2023

We have watched ‘Jonesy’, as he’s affectionately called, evolve from an intern into a dynamic project coordinator, and this month, we celebrate his remarkable journey and contributions to Solutions Architecture.⁣⁣⁣

Throughout his 7 years here, Jonesy has grown to become an integral part of the Solutions Team introducing us to cutting-edge software like Enscape, BIM Collaborate and Lumion that have elevated our projects to unprecedented heights.⁣⁣

One of Jonesy's crowning achievements has been his leadership role in the Oceanport and Little Silver School Districts. He played a pivotal role in project design during these two referenda in 2019 and 2022 and has continued to be the guiding force, coordinating various contractors to bring these visions to life. The impact of his work has been nothing short of transformative, reshaping not only the educational landscape in those districts but also his own role as a Project Coordinator.⁣⁣⁣

Jonesy has managed the four schools across two districts with finesse, overseeing an array of ⁣projects. From the Media Center & Cafeteria Addition at Wolf Hill School to the front entrance renovations at Maple Place in 2021, Jonesy's fingerprints are everywhere.⁣

This summer, Jonesy has spearheaded some of the district's most impactful renovations. He's managed the coordination and design of a second-floor addition at Wolf Hill Elementary School and extensive renovations at Maple Place Middle School, including Media Center upgrades and multiple classroom renovation projects. Similar classroom renovations are also underway for the Little Silver Public School District.⁣

Jonesy's efforts are ensuring that students in both districts have access to modern, well-equipped learning spaces.⁣

What truly sets Jonesy apart is his unwavering commitment to the Solutions Architecture Family. His “all-in” attitude has made him a trusted figure within the firm.⁣

Bravo "Jonesy" on your dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment that inspires us all! 👏🏼