In continuation of our Solutions Spotlight Series, Solutions Architecture is thrilled to throw that spotlight on our talented Job Captain, Jenny 🌟⁣

10 June 2023

Through her dedication and expertise, Jenny continues to play a pivotal role in our projects.⁣⁣

Jenny demonstrates an always up-for-the-challenge attitude, supporting facilities audits and projects for the Bridgewater-Raritan School District, our largest district yet. With the recent passage of a $155MM referendum in March, there is much work to be done and Jenny is always eager and optimistic.⁣

Jenny says her attention to detail and critical thinking abilities allows her to identify and prioritize components of the building program, while also assessing spatial and functional relationships. Jenny’s latest charge for the new Verona Public Safety Complex, will put all of those abilities to good use.⁣⁣

Beyond the office Jenny carries out her creative passions of painting and creating sand art projects. Jenny finds the outlets both relaxing and productive to her mind-set in her work.

Jenny explains "Since very young I realize that I am very detail oriented, and that when painting or creating a sand art vision, all the details must be part of the whole composition. This translates into my professional work when it comes to preparing drawings and coordinating project components."

Not only is Jenny’s work here integral to the projects we are creating, but Jenny’s spirit and laugh are pervasive and of great value to the Solutions Family!⁣