Solutions Architecture would like to shine a spotlight on one of our valued team members Deniz 🌟⁣

24 April 2023

In her efforts as Technical Coordinator for the Firm, Deniz is responsible for processing everything from contractor payment applications, submittals, along with coordinating Solutions Architecture’s proprietary Bidding Software and Bid Process. She sets up calendars and reminders to make sure that the Architectural staff doesn’t miss a trick.

In addition to her normal responsibilities, Deniz has been instrumental in coordinating the gargantuan task of completing the DOE application process for the firm’s ROD Grant Submissions.

Most of our clients see the beautiful projects and work that our talented Architect and Design teams create, but it is our behind-the-scenes, technical staff that process the myriad of required applications and paperwork to make those projects happen!⁣

Last year, New Jersey’s Governor signed into action the ROD Grant program that would provide funding to Regular Operating Districts (ROD) for capital projects. Deniz’ contribution to the process required endless calculation, countless excel spreadsheets and the precise compilation of the requirements on behalf of our clients.

In total she will have submitted 98 ROD Grant Applications between January and the application deadline of May 1st. Deniz considers this one of her biggest professional accomplishments to date in her three years at Solutions. In total this year she will have managed the submission of 128 DOE applications, ROD and Referendum combined.

Since submitting these applications to the Department of Education is a top priority for starting a capital and educational project, we are proud to have her heading these efforts!⁣