Scott Pivko, a dedicated employee of Solutions Architecture has successfully passed his architectural licensing exams and is now a registeres Architect in the state of New Jersey!

31 July 2023

Today, Solutions Architecture is proud to announce a momentous achievement within our team.⁣⁣

Scott Pivko, a dedicated employee of Solutions Architecture, has successfully passed his architectural licensing exams and is now a registered Architect in the state of New Jersey!

Scott's journey to this accomplishment has been all about perseverance. Over the course of 7 years, he faced the daunting task of tackling multiple exams and dedicating countless hours to study, all while working full time. These exams, unlike any other, lacked direct study materials that correlated one-to-one with their content. Undeterred, Scott persevered and devised a unique approach to succeed.⁣

Utilizing a combination of resources, including blogs, Facebook groups, and external third-party materials, Scott compiled the necessary information to truly grasp the concepts required for each of the 6 exams. One of the most challenging barriers he encountered was the realization that practical experiences in architecture don't always align precisely with the theoretical knowledge found in textbooks. Nevertheless, Scott embraced this challenge and continued to push forward.⁣

Through determination and resilience, Scott's efforts culminated in an extraordinary achievement. Even when discouraged by failed exams, he remained undaunted, and with unwavering focus, he studied rigorously for the final remaining exams. It was during this critical time that Scott's commitment and hard work paid off, as he passed the last 3 exams in a remarkable span of just 2 weeks.⁣

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Solutions Architecture for providing me with the opportunity to grow and excel in my career. I am excited to continue advancing within this esteemed organization, furthering my knowledge, and contributing to the success of our architectural endeavors” Scott expresses.⁣

As a result of his exceptional performance, Scott Pivko now proudly stands among a unique group of individuals as an Architect in this country.

We, at Solutions Architecture, are incredibly proud of Scott's accomplishment and are confident that his success will further elevate our team's reputation in the field.⁣

Congratulations, Scott, on this well-deserved achievement! Your dedication, tenacity, and passion for architecture have inspired all of us. We look forward to witnessing your continued growth and success as you advance your career with Solutions Architecture.