Solutions Architecture is Breaking New Ground to Keep Your Projects Moving!

18 March 2020

In these times of unprecedented shut-downs and social distancing, Solutions Architecture announced that they were focusing efforts on being able to maintain the level of service that their clients had become accustomed to. In light of the latest restrictions put in place by the governor and local agencies, and in what would be a ground-breaking effort, Solutions Architecture implemented the first-ever live streaming of bid openings in an effort to minimize contact between their staff, District personnel and contractors alike. After discussions with Board Attorneys and District Administration, the decision was made to limit the attendance at the Bid Openings. And while they could not legally preclude contractors from attending the meetings, the mere suggestion at live-streaming the bids received a resounding response from Contractors who agreed with and applauded Solutions Architecture for the modified protocols designed at ensuring the well-being of all involved.

Solutions Architecture founder, Frank Messineo stated that “Solutions Architecture is sensitive to the fact that our clients have got their hands full with all there is to coordinate and ensure the safe operation of their schools and wants them to rest assured that we will continue to do our part to keep things moving forward for their projects. I wish them and their families our best during this time.”

The first of three Bid Openings was held on Tuesday at the Midland Park Board of Education Offices with limited District Personnel in attendance. Using their proprietary, patent pending Bidding Procurement Software, BidBox™ and a live-streaming portal, Solutions Architecture sent links to clients and contractors to view the live-stream; and they were able to ask questions through a chat window. Immediately following the bid, the results and the recording of the live stream were published to BidBox’s contractor portal where all could see the results. To assist with those that might have had difficulty in seeing the live-stream, there was a backup Conference Bridge that anyone could dial into to hear the Bids being read aloud. The process even allowed for the viewing of bid packages by interested parties who wiped down with sanitizer upon entry and were able to examine the submissions. Director of Facilities, Scott Collins, noted that the procedure “went extremely well, it was a great way to minimize contact and the District felt safer, knowing that we were still able to hold the bid opening and yet all the contractors could see and hear what was going on. We were completely transparent.” In some cases, where access to District or Government facilities has been prohibited, Solutions Architecture will be conducting bid openings at their offices in the same manner.

Messineo reiterated that, “Our job at Solutions Architecture is to solve problems. We are at a critical time in the school construction process where the delay of bids will cost Districts more money. Being able to continue the bid process through BidBox™ and Live-Streaming, all while maintaining necessary social distances and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, will go a long way to ensuring “business as usual”. And while we don’t know where this road will lead, we need to make every effort to try and keep projects on schedule in the midst of government shut-downs and social restrictions. "Interestingly enough, BidBox™ was developed for the potential of accepting remote, online bids from contractors and their subs – who knows, this could be where we are heading."

» Click here to see BidBox™ and SA-LIVE! in action.