Bridgewater-Raritan, Bogota & Riverdale Referenda Success!

15 March 2023

“𝗬𝗘𝗦!” What a wonderful word!

Solutions Architecture is proud to have guided three of our District’s through the successful passage of their scheduled Referenda.

The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District, The Bogota School District and the Riverdale Public School District received record voter turnout for their respective $155MM, $19.9.MM and $18.9MM Referenda. Solutions Architecture is appreciative to both Bridgewater-Raritan and Bogota School Districts for entrusting us with these important projects that will better the educational environments in their districts for years to come.

The passage of these Referenda reinforce the fact that being communicative, transparent and including the community in the planning process truly works.

SA continues to prove the ideology that facilities must be updated and renovated in order to support the ever-changing curricula and teaching styles.

These educational programs are driving the need to upgrade outdated schools and create safe and functional environments that support academic, social and emotional wellness and provide creative opportunities for our children.⁣

Since 2019, Solutions Architecture has been responsible for guiding eleven (𝟭𝟭) of our District’s through the Referendum Process. These referenda culminated in ten (𝟭𝟬) of those Districts passing successfully, to the tune of $𝟯𝟭𝟵𝗠𝗠 dollars; an astounding 𝟵𝟭% SUCCESS RATE.

Solutions Architecture has provided a system of single source responsibility for planning, community organization, surveys, budgeting, Department of Education submissions focused on maximizing state aid, public relations documentation preparation, public presentations, social media and website management, along with print and promotional information management.⁣

We congratulate these Districts for their perseverance and efforts, to reiterate the message and rally the community through many presentations, town-hall meetings, community forums and a diligent social media campaign.

With the expertise and guidance of The Solutions Architecture Team, these districts are on their way to creating 21st century schools and facilities for their students and communities!⁣

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