The People That Make It All Happen

28 April 2020

Solutions Architecture continues our long standing mission of Personal Service, Client Focus and Managing Expectations.

In a time where we have had to come together in the midst of adversity and in a time where we are paying homage and tribute to those heroes that are working on the front lines, battling this virus and caring for the sick, I want to be sure to recognize some truly amazing people myself. While many have been forced to stop working completely, and while even more have been furloughed for financial concerns, the Solutions Architecture Family continues to pull together to keep our projects moving.

I want to personally acknowledge my staff and the great things that they have been doing from quarantine. They are truly the ones that have adapted and improvised and juggled children, husbands and wives, to be able to “get it done” in their home environment. There are those that are “working around” their children’s schedules; and there are those who watch their loved ones head out to the front lines each day to care for patient’s during this crazy time; and there are others that “pretend” to leave for work and lock themselves in their room so that their little ones don’t know that they’re still home, lol… and there are others who are still coming in to plot out drawings, go to site visits and manage construction remotely for our clients; all while staying safe and following the guidelines. They have all adapted in order to continue to do their jobs; they have adapted to a schedule of communicating via chat and video calls, screen sharing and virtual meetings and doing it effectively.

I am so proud to watch them continue to manage and thrive during a time that no one could have predicted; a time that no one could have prepared for. But they are doing it… they are keeping the the project planning and submissions going digitally; the projects bidding via live stream; and doing everything that they can to maintain the schedules for the sake of the projects; for the sake of the Clients.

I want to personally say thank you to each one of them for standing tall during all of this craziness. So thank you Alexis Goldman… thank you Thomas Strauser… thank you Sandra Galvan… thank you Michael Valentine… thank you Julia Norman… thank you Michael Jones, thank you Scott Pivko… thank you Porfirio Garcia… thank you Jenny Rathod… thank you Nicole Smith… thank you Christine Ricketts and thank you Marc Messineo for continuing to excel and continuing to put our Clients first.

And to you, our friends, our clients, our extended Solutions Family, we hope you are safe, we hope you stay healthy and we look forward to continuing to serve you after all of this craziness is over.


Frank Messineo, AIA