Solutions Architecture To Speak on Budgeting and Strategic Planning for Projects in 2023-2024

29 March 2023

In May, Solutions we will be presenting on Budgeting and Strategic Planning for projects in 2023-2024, at the NJASA Spring Leadership Conference, at Caesars Atlantic City.

The days of budgeting for construction projects with simple unit prices are in the past. The budget and cost estimating landscape has changed drastically over the past three years.

How can your school district ensure that you are planning appropriately for future projects and covering the unknown costs that can arise?⁣

At Solutions Architecture, we understand what’s occurring and have adapted our strategies for budgeting and long-range planning to make sure that you are covered.

At the presentation we will speak on integral “Keys to Success” for budgeting educational, and the even more difficult, Referenda projects which most times place a project more than two to three years out from Passage of the Referendum to Bidding.

The team has worked hard to understand why the environment has changed so drastically, beginning with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting government stimulus packages, labor shortages, supply chain issues, material cost increases and inventory shortages and project delays.

While the planning and bidding processes may seem daunting, Solutions Architecture guides our clients through a gauntlet of scenarios aimed at assisting them in accounting for expected and unforeseen circumstances that may arise.⁣

Solutions Architecture sends a big thank you to the NJASA for allowing us to share our strategies with School Districts on a grand scale and look forward to seeing everyone at the Conference!⁣

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