Hawthorne Referendum A Resounding Success!

25 September 2019

A message from Solutions Architecture…

Good Morning Team!!

Who says that hard work doesn’t pay off!!! The older I get the more I remain convinced that the only way we can move onward and upward is to “Work Hard…” “Put in the Time…” and “Make things Happen”. Unfortunately that notion is fading today and there are many that believe that they can get to the top by skipping all the parts in between. Last night the Voters in Hawthorne signaled a resounding YES! to the $25 million dollar Referendum that would not have been possible without the hard work of so many. The Planning and guidance by the entire Solutions Architecture Team! The leadership and vision of Hawthorne Superintendent Rick Spirito! The financial expertise of Business Administrator Trude Engle and the District’s Bond Council, the intimate knowledge of District Facilities by Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Scott Chamberlain and the Support and Vision of the Entire Hawthorne Board of Education, which ultimately put out the right message and gained the support of the Community who knew that these changes would launch the Schools and the Community to new heights. Countless Meetings, Presentations, Revisions and Discussions were paramount to ensuring success! Ohhhh, did I say revisions? Presentations?

So with that I say Congratulations to you! To each of you had a part in this and to each of you who supported this by working diligently on our other projects. Thank you for your efforts.

10 Years & Counting!

– Frank A. Messineo, AIA

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