Another exciting chapter is underway at the Fairfield Public Library!

26 June 2023

In 2015 Solutions Architecture was tasked with renovating the library with updated finishes and furnishings and enhancing the functionality of the space to cater to the diverse range of activities it hosts. Since that renovation, the library programs have expanded and the need for additional diverse space was expressed.⁣

In response, Solutions Architecture has envisioned a new patio canopy area that will serve as a perfect gathering space for library goers for both casual reading and formal programs. Additionally, the entrance lobby is being reconstructed not only to correct various, existing design issues and enhance its aesthetic but to also prioritize security with the addition of a secure vestibule.

This vestibule will ensure a safe and inviting admission for all who enter.⁣

Keep up with us as we continue to share the progress of the library’s renovations throughout the summer as we bring this vision to life and continue to create an exceptional space for the Fairfield community.⁣