Solutions Architecture Intern Completes Licensing Exam

20 June 2018

Courtney Reid, who is currently an intern at Solutions Architecture in Verona, has completed the architect registration exam (ARE), a series of six tests to earn an architectural license. Reid, a native of of West Deptford, N.J., earned a bachelor’s in architecture from Philadelphia University in 2013.

The ARE tests assess a candidates knowledge of architectural practice through different phases of a project with the overarching theme of the architect being responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

“Working at Solutions Architecture has allowed me to feel more confident in my knowledge of construction, project and practice management when communicating with contractors and clients,” says Reid. Passing the exams and being able to say that I am officially an architect was the goal, achieved. Having my license opens up the world to me and now I can decide what I want my next goals to be.”

The licensing process also requires the budding architect to complete and document three years of architectural experience program (AXP) which is broken down into specific tasks to help advance skills and project management.

“Going through the process of studying is an arduous, time-consuming task, but very rewarding when you are able to make connections from the study material to real world practice, and get a passing result, says Reid.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Courtney’s path to obtaining her license,” says Frank Messineo, AIA, founder of Solutions Architecture. “She came to work with us immediately after earning her degree and, from the beginning, has proven herself to be bright and talented with a drive for success. Courtney has become a confident and competent architect.” Solutions Architecture designed the gut renovation of the Verona Public Library, and consulted on the 2017 renovation of the library at Forest Avenue School, among other projects.