Huey Restoration Plaza Groundbreaking

7 May 2014

Solutions Architecture recently attended the Groundbreaking for our most recent project with the NJVVMF, "Operation Huey Restoration".

The project is a memorial plaza with the focal point being a fully restored U.S. Army Helicopter, the UH-1H, more commonly known as a "Huey". This year is the 50th Anniversary of this particular Huey. We have worked closely with the Foundation over the past 20 years, including the design of the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center on site. The location of the new memorial was a key element in the design. It was important to everyone that the memorial be an integral part of the existing combination of buildings and plazas on site. The original planned location of the memorial plaza posed several problems. The topography increased costs, and it was removed from the heart of the Foundation's main axis. Continually working towards a solution, we selected the current location, within the existing Museum parking lot, allowing the Memorial to sit adjacent to the Education Center and directly tie in with the existing memorial and plazas. The Foundation is recognized as the only museum in the country dedicated to the Vietnam Era and it's lasting impact on American Culture. The memorial allows visitors of all ages to honor those who served in the Vietnam War and the Huey will now be displayed as its permanent symbol.

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