The Northern Highlands High School prepares to begin $8.8MM Referendum projects

28 March 2023

As part of a successful $8.8MM Referendum vote last year, The Northern Highlands High School prepares to fulfill the first outdoor installment of projects, with a Groundbreaking Ceremony!⁣

The new two-story, 7,600 sq.ft. field-house, will accommodate a relocated fitness center for both home and away teams, team toilets, and showers. The first-level public restrooms will eliminate the need for porta-johns on campus, and include a trainers room and storage, a community conference room and an elevator to provide accessibility to the second floor.⁣

The 3,800 sq.ft. second floor fitness center will support school programs like physical education, wellness center, athletics and include and office, ADA toilet and storage.⁣⁣

Solutions continues to promote, through their guidance of such initiatives, that student health and wellness cultivate a positive and supportive culture so students can continue to learn and grow 💪🏼⁣⁣

Keep up with us and the New Northern Highlands Field House as we continue to log its progress!