Melissa Leach-Douglas

Technical Administrative Assistant

I’m honored and grateful to fill the newly created Technical Administrative Assistant position here at Solutions Architecture and it has been nothing short of amazing. The idea of being an integral part of a great company with purpose is what makes it more fulfilling.

Having spent several years as an Administrative Assistant in diverse arenas has given me the adaptability in any circumstance and situation. Here at Solutions, that is what our work is all about. I like to keep a positive fun spirit about myself. Luckily here at Solutions Architecture we all share that.

My free time is mostly spent enjoying my family, dining out with friends, and dancing around cleaning to disco music. I’m looking forward to doing more international travels and expanding my food palate.

I’m blessed to have found my work family in Solutions Architecture and look forward to a productive future here.

Career History

  • Technical Administrative Assistant
    Solutions Architecture
  • Legal Assistant / Receptionist
    Stone & Magnanini
  • Executive Assistant
    Urban Engineers
  • Judiciary Clerk 3
    Union County Courthouse (Superior Court)


  • Rutgers University
    Douglass College