Julia Norman

Project Designer

As a recent college graduate, I am excited to establish myself and expand my abilities here at Solutions Architecture. My experience as an undergraduate student shaped the way I consider our relationship with built space, and I am interested in the ways that architecture defines our experience. I question how we can use this as a tool for creating meaningful interactions and design spaces that challenge the expectations of their users.

My background of architecture was heavily influenced by the history and theory of its practice, which has led me to consider the concept of a design and its application thoroughly, and to situate contemporary problems in a larger context. I am interested in the different scales through which architecture operates, from usable design objects to the infrastructure of our cities. I am excited by the individuality of each project here at Solutions Architecture, and to surround myself with the team of designers who have founded and developed this inimitable practice. It is with great excitement that I begin my time at this studio, where I have been granted the opportunity to learn from a collective of professionals who share my hopes for the possibilities of design.

Career History

  • Project Designer
    Solutions Architecture


  • University of San Diego
    Bachelor of Architecture