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 Frank is able to make a phone call and get to the appropriate people who can help to resolve the issues... I am confident that he will bring the leadership and guidance that will make any project a success. 

Ms Stacy Garvey

Midland Park Schools

On September 7th, Randolph High School opened its 2012 Football season and new state-of-the-art synthetic turf field with a 27-18 victory over Pope John that Friday night. 
The Randolph Board of Education is ecstatic over the ability of the design and construction team to complete the new fields, on time and on budget. The fields look impressive and are a real inspiration to the students and staff.
The Fields and Grandstand project consisted of the installation of two synthetic turf fields, both with lines for several sports. One of the fields, the John J. Bauer memorial field is the varsity football field, and was designed with a sewn in large ‘R’ at centerfield, ‘Randolph’ in one end zone and ‘Rams’ in the others. The other field, the Da Silva Field, will be a Multi-purpose field, lined for several sports, with no one sport more prevalent than the others. Included with the project were new home and visitor grandstands, an integrated press box, new fencing and the related infrastructure for the work.
All of the work is complete, and both fields are open for use by the Randolph Schools.
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