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 I have had the very good fortune to work closely with Frank on many school projects… His apparent technical talent is further enhanced by his informative, interpersonal skills. Frank’s ability to work through solutions to our facilities concerns while always remaining vigilant to our budget concerns is but one of the reasons that he has my highest confidence and recommendation. His high degree of integrity and talent are rare commodities 

John Daura

Former Director of Facilities
Randolph Twp Schools

Solutions Architecture in the News
Two of Solutions Architecture's recent projects are in the news:
The Progress recently ran an article on the Renovated Pio Costa Public Library in Fairfield:
The Fairfield Public Library received finishing touches on a long-overdue renovation that captures the exciting, inviting community spirit of the organization. Frank A. Messineo, principal architect of Newark-based firm Solutions Architecture, began working with the library in March 2011 after the library board selected his proposal from more than ...Read more.

The recent completion of our Phase I of Construction for the Randolph School District was also recently featured in the Randolph Reporter:
RANDOLPH - After 14years of renovations, construction and restructuring, Randolph School District will reach an important landmark next summer: The completion of a project that will have upgraded every school in the district and created an infrastructure that will serve the district for another 25 years. Frank Messineo, principal architect of the Newark-based firm Solutions Architecture, has worked closely ... Read more.