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 Frank is able to make a phone call and get to the appropriate people who can help to resolve the issues... I am confident that he will bring the leadership and guidance that will make any project a success. 

Ms Stacy Garvey

Midland Park Schools

Solutions Architecture in the News
Two of Solutions Architecture's recent projects are in the news:
The Progress recently ran an article on the Renovated Pio Costa Public Library in Fairfield:
The Fairfield Public Library received finishing touches on a long-overdue renovation that captures the exciting, inviting community spirit of the organization. Frank A. Messineo, principal architect of Newark-based firm Solutions Architecture, began working with the library in March 2011 after the library board selected his proposal from more than ...Read more.

The recent completion of our Phase I of Construction for the Randolph School District was also recently featured in the Randolph Reporter:
RANDOLPH - After 14years of renovations, construction and restructuring, Randolph School District will reach an important landmark next summer: The completion of a project that will have upgraded every school in the district and created an infrastructure that will serve the district for another 25 years. Frank Messineo, principal architect of the Newark-based firm Solutions Architecture, has worked closely ... Read more.