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 Through the years, the Library Boards have worked diligently to save money from their operating budget to facilitate this renovation without any cost to the taxpayers of Fairfield, We’re thrilled to finally have construction underway after years of planning. 

Darlene Gesell

Board PResident

Gymnasium Addition Ground Breaking
Deerfield School at Mountainside will be seeing many changes this summer. They will be getting a new secure vestibule at the main entrance. With contrasting materials and large signage, this new vestibule will stand out from the existing to become a focal point for the school entry.

The Media Center will be entirely retrofitted to create more visibility throughout as well as collaborative learning spaces. The functionality of the Media Center will be separated into five areas. The Common Area encourages student interaction at the entry of the Media Center. The Collaborative Workspace is set up to allow for a semi-private computer area for group work or study sessions. The Computer Lab will receive upgraded furniture with teaming tables for a collaborative classroom space. The Open Library Space is separated into two areas with flexible furniture to allow for the formation of a presentation area. The Work Room is a multi-use space for classroom functions and after-hour meetings. The Media Center will also have an exterior entrance for public events. The vestibule design is similar to the main entry; however, the majority of the material will be brick, so that it fits in the surrounding building and is recognized as a secondary entrance. Read More... or Visit the Project Page