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  Much of what you, the client, are looking for when it comes to the completion of your project, besides a solution for your objective needs, is to have your EXPECTATIONS met. Since there is often times a fine line between what you "expect" and what you ultimately receive, Solutions Architecture works with you to bridge any gaps so that the vision and the end result are closely aligned. 

Frank Messineo, AIA

Solutions Architecture, LLC

Our Mission

Frank A. Messineo, AIA is the founding principal of Solutions Architecture. With 20 years of experience in all areas of Architectural Practice, Frank has shared positive, long-term relationships with clients, consultants and agencies that have spanned much of his career. A former principal of two larger firms, Frank had concerns with the fact that, at to those firms, "profitability and the bottom line was often times more important than responsiveness and the client's needs."

When the time was right, Frank's Vision (in an almost Jerry McGuire moment) was that he would provide his brand of Architectural and Engineering Services with a focus on Client Relationships, Service and Managing Expectations. Since Octomber 2009, Solutions Architecture has operated on the principle that personality, attention and professional, competent service fosters more than just a client list; it brings about successful, lasting relationships. It is my belief that our goal in this business is to "solve problems" and that a fundamental role of the Architect has always been to be a "Problem Solver" we do so with Commitment, Collaboration and Communication; through our Commitment to the Client and the process, our Collaboration with the project team and our Communication throughout the life of the project

Breaking the mold of the traditional "Design Firm", Solutions Architecture places greater emphasis on the collaboration necessary to not only resolve that sometimes difficult concern, but to do so with cost conscious and practical solutions that ensure that the expectations of the client have been satisfied. Whether it involves the preparation of documents for the replacement of a key system component, the renovation of an existing space, or the programming a new facility, Solutions Architecture will assess the concern and work together with our client to a successful outcome.